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Kimchi Makes You Stay Young???

Kimchi was selected as one of the world’s five healthiest food by the American health magazine, “Health.” Kimchi is a very beneficial fermented food, enjoyed by many Koreans. In addition, it was proven that regular consumption of kimchi prevents cancer and slows aging.

A Rural Development Administration (RDA) research team observed the slowing effects on aging effects of aging by applying a specimen of cabbage kimchi to an aging-induced cell. A normal aging-induced cell became 54% aged, while another cell, which had been given an optimum mature cabbage kimchi, prior to being age-induced, became only a minimum of 25% aged. The cell was able to function like a normal cell, which proved that kimchi has an anti-aging effect.

Kimchi, especially the ones which have been soaked for half a month, has shown the most amount of aging prevention effect. This is due to the fact that a well-soaked kimchi has a much higher activity of lactic acid zymogens.

In addition, the research team proved that supplementary ingredients such as: garlic, ginger, chili powder, and chives become fermented by the kimchi zymogens, resulting in the increased anti-cancer effects.

- Cited from Korean Food Foundation

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